Savvy Sales Negotiator™ Workshop

Why invest in a Savvy Sales Negotiator™ Workshop?  When your sales people meet with potential customers, the potential customer has the advantage.  The customer is negotiating while your representative is selling, and this imbalance, if allowed to stand will permeate the relationship and inevitably destroy any hope for healthy profit margins. 

This is an interactive two-day workshop that equips participants to close more sales and execute these closings in a manner that both improves margins and builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We begin with an assessment instrument to determine the participant’s current negotiating and selling style.  From there we introduce, examine, discuss, and practice the elements of a sales strategy that consistently produces more sales at higher margins.

Takeaways - The ability to transition from being a salesperson and become a business person that sells to business people.  Specificly they will be able to:

  • Identify and interact with customer decision makers.
  • Meet with decision makers to develop an understanding of what they need to advance their business plan / strategy.
  • Identify the differentiated value required to advance the customers plan / strategy
  • Use the differentiated value to craft winning solutions - ones that go well beyond the customer's immediate needs and maximize your ROI.
  • Craft questions that Right Size™ customer needs & enhances the value of your solution. 
  • Present your differentiated value solutions at the pivot point in the   customer's buying cycle.
  • Equip the dicision maker to be an effective sponsor of your solution throughout their organization and the selling cycle.
  • Control the settelement zone during the price negotiation
  • Develop a concession plan that provides the customer with value and maintains your margins.
  • Close by selling your ability to deliver the differenitated value that will advance their plan.
  • Bring these takeaways together to improve margins, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. 

Who Should Attend - Individuals Responsible for:

  • Business Development
  • Negotiating and Closing Sales for Products & Services
  • Licensing Technology and Intellectual Property
  • Negotiating Outsourcing Agreements
  • Creating Strategic Alliances

For more information on this workshop and how we can customize it to accelerate participant learning and your return on investment, please contact us.